September 11th - 14th, 2018. UFSJ, São João del Rei - Brazil.

Selected papers will be included in two special volumes: the Journal of New Music Research (English) and Revista Vórtex (Portuguese and Spanish).

Cientific papers:

Focus themes:

Ecologically grounded creative practice

• Creativity-centered design

Educational applications of Ubimus

Ubimus approaches to web and mobile audio

DIY electronics in Ubimus

Everyday musical creativity

Ubimus improvisation

• Artistic applications of Ubimus

Ubiquitous and mobile computing in Ubimus

Interaction aesthetics

Ubimus strategies for human development

The Internet Of Musical Things(IoMusT)


Texts should be written in Portuguese, Spanish or English and formatted according to the SBC template. Full papers will be 12 pages, including references and illustrations. Software and artistic demonstrations should be submitted as a one-page summary with links to audio or video files (MP3 or MP4 formats). All written materials should be submitted as Portable Document Format (PDF) files.

Artistic papers:

Composers or performers are invited to submit works in any style of electroacoustic music to Ubimus VIII. There is no a priori restriction on the setup, with the proviso that performers, Javascript/webaudioinstruments and special equipment are supposed to be brought in by the proponent (with the exception of piano, soundboard, speakers and mics, which may be requested in advance). Extended abstracts referring to art submissions may be written in either English or Portuguese. The works should preferably be:

• Works involving live electronics, including computer processing or mobiles processing /orchestra

• Works combining musical instruments or voice with live or fixed media electronics

• Video and multimedia works

• Electronic music for fixed media alone, (stereo or four channels of sound)

• Installations involving music or video

Extended abstracts of artistic pieces must be submitted in PDF format via the EasyChair, and cannot exceed a 2-page limitation using the provided templates. Please note that Art submissions are not anonymous. Please carefully comply with the instructions contained in these templates, since nonconforming abstracts cannot be published. Download template files for manuscript preparation using this link. Artistic material/media must be made available for electronic download (HTTP or FTP) as a single ZIP or RAR archive, containing one PDF document specifying the following information about the artistic submission:

Author name(s), and contact information

Title of the proposal

Program notes (1-3 paragraphs)

Indication if the performance relates to a separate presentation in the technical program (in this case, please specify the title, authors and submission number of the separate submission)

Intended venue: concert, installation, etc

Duration and instrumentation

Names of performers, if applicable

Composer/performer bios or a link to where these can be found

Detailed description of technical requirements, including equipment and setup time

Stage plot and input list for live performances

All performer scores (if applicable)

Audio file(s) for evaluation of the submission. For multichannel submissions, please provide also a stereo mix

Video files (optional)

Please note that this archive file is not going to be submitted through EasyChair, only its link for download should be included in the electronic submission. Media files must use codecs readily played by widely used software such as VLC, Quick Time, MPEG Streamclip, etc.

SBC templates:

• Word (doc): sbc-template-doc

Open Office (odt): sbc-template-odt

Latex (tex): sbc-template-latex2003

Submit through Easychair:

Important dates:

Paper submission deadline: 1 July 2018

15 July 2018

Papers result: August 2018

VIII UbiMus: 11-14 September 2018